Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I wrote a book, and now what? I am in the process of taking care of many things before the book is released. For one, the book has to be printed. There are changes to be made to the e-book. I was dealing with what the cover would look like. Thankfully someone else was creating that for me. I am dealing with the website. Again, thankful someone else is doing that. I had to figure out a release date. There have been so many things on my plate to do. I still have many things to accomplish beforehand . After all of this is completed and out of my hands starting to work on my second book is next on the docket. I have all of this going on and today I took a moment to reflect on my journey. I realize that people are going to read my book. What if it sucks? What if they love it? I really have a feeling of being nervous. When writing the book I thought about this. It's been so far removed from my mind during this time. There is nothing I can do now. This book was my journey and good for me to release and shared with the world. That doesn't remove the fear though. Let's see what you think.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Love birds

Emily and I went out for a movie this weekend. It had my movie star crush in it. She was her typical hot self. In the movie she played a role similar to that in Along Came Polly. It was an enjoyable movie. After that we went out for dinner. At dinner I had some shrimp and lobster, which was a nice combo to have. After finishing dinner we decided to get some dessert. A thick chocolate chip cookie with icecream. I don't know about you, but just writing this I'm getting hungry! :-) While sitting there I noticed a couple of love birds. The girl was giving her man spoonfuls of dessert. As we are in love with each other, that was too much for us. But wait that girl was Emily and that man was me. I had started feeling like crap and I couldn't make it from the plate to my mouth anymore. As a side note I think I had an allergic reaction to the lobster. I didn't use to be allergic to lobster. But I digress. This was the first time in public Emily had to feed me. That sucked, but surprisingly I didn't care what the other people thought. I saw growth in the area of not caring what others thought. Thank you Emily for doing that. This journey has had many ups and downs. That was a twofer for me.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Broken silence

I've been rather quiet on here for the past number of months. I have been focused on the publishing of my first book and everything involved with that. I have had this thought many times before, but really felt like putting it down on here. I am so happy with my lot in life! Although I'm in a wheelchair and at home alone with my thoughts I still have an outlet to release those thoughts. I may be disabled and have many challenges, but I refuse to be kept down and and kept from showing people disabled or not they can do it. Whatever IT is. I can't type so well with my hands, so I use my voice. I wrote a book.. Don't get me wrong, things are tough and I definitely have moments of despair and freak outs. With determination you can do whit ever you put your mind to do. There are my two cents on pushing the crap life has thrown your way and still moving forward.