Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Permanent and Temporary

I've tried to be very vulnerable and honest on my blog. I just had a moment of frustration and thought that I should blog about it. I was feeling kind of weak, which seems to be the case lately. In my moment of despair/frustration I yelled at God. "I'm only 32!"In that moment I wished I wasn't here having to struggle with everything. That would just be a permanent fix to a temporary problem. Having those moments is rare for me, but they are a reality. I'm sure that others have felt that same frustration/desperation. As I've been able to snap out of it, I hope the same for you. Having this outlet really helps me.


cc said...

Sorry you are having this rough time. I love your positive attitude..

cltgrace said...

Life sure stinks sometimes. God is not surprised, nor put off by our tantrums or questions. I really like that about Him. I can be myself in all my weakness, frailty, stubbornness, etc. and He loves me still. I appreciate your transparency, RB.

barry said...

don't be a wuss God doesn't like Wusses