Thursday, January 27, 2011

Magic Ear

I had my third appointment at RIC and am loving forward to learning more about the speech to text program. I have used Dragon before, but never got the most out of it. My therapist is really helping there. My sister and brother-in-law took me to this appointment again, plus my neice B. I love me some B time! After the appointment we headed to the cafeteria to eat our Nutrisystem lunches (I'm loving the weight loss). As we were talking I mentioned that one day I'm gonna go to an audiologist. My hearing sucks! If there's any outside noise: driving, tv, or restaurants, I'm not really able to partake in the conversation. If I don't know what's being said I just make up a story, which can be more fun:-) Lately though I've just grown weary of this and just get frustrated. My sister mentioned the "Magic Ear" at Walgreens as a cheap and quick alternative. So on our way home we stopped and got one. After getting it all set up I gave it a try. Oh my god, I could hear! In fact I was told my talking volume was better too. I can't wait to try it at a restaurant. Plus, it's not too crazy looking, itlooks like a bluetooth headset. So, "Magic Ear" seems to have pulled a rabbit out of 6the hat for me:-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A test

Well, about two months ago I decided to do a test. A test on medication I'm taking and it's effects it really has. Before I started taking ampyra, "the walking drug" I blogged about starting it with guarded optimism. I then blogged about it helping my vision.I was convinced it was helping. But I wanted 66666666666666666666to be sure. So about two months ago I stopped taking it altogether. During this time my eyes were blurrier and my energy waned. I still was determined to really be a good judge on this and make sure I was true to the test. I really wanted to show myself that even though I was guarded befor5e starting I let my guard down and just thought it was working. Two weeks ago I decided to start ampyra again. I truly thought I'd take the month I had left and be done. I'm now convinced it works. My vision is crisper and my ener5gy is up. Most days I feel good enough to workout, which definitely wasn't the case over the past two months. Today I( can confidently say that ampyra is working.

PS-Next week I go to another day of traini9ng on Dragon Naturally Speasking. Things are going good there too.
Thanks` Matt & ED!