Friday, July 23, 2010

Ampyra & Navy Pier

Yesterday was an appointment with Dr. D. It started as always with a nurse checking my vitals and having me do a timed 9 pin hole test. My blood pressure was elevated again, so that’s another thing for me to be cognizant of. The 9 pin hole was about the same. Encouraging for sure. As always I like to joke around and this nurse was a target. Not knowing my health situation she asked if I could walk at all. I said no, but thanks for bringing up a sore subject. She was all apologetic. I had to tell her I was totally joking with her. C’mon laugh! She was uncomfortable for3 sure. Now my time with Dr. D was good. We joked around with each other as always. During our conversation we talked about a new MS drug. Ampyra is nicknamed the walking drug. It’s helped people with MS in their walking, not get those in wheelchairs back up walking. She said it takes awhile to get insurance approval or denial (3-6 weeks). There isn’t any data on it helping with vision or speech yet. I asked if I could take it. She was on bord with that. So she’s getting the info lined up for insurance. Fingers are crossed that I get approved. After the appointment we headed over to Navy Pier for lunch. It’s ben around 7 years since I’ve been there. It was a nice time and a nice day to be out. Getting Garrett’s popcorn to bring home was a nice way to end a good day. Yum!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pissed off!

Yesterday was a day for me and Emily to just hang out. Breakfast out, a couple hours with our niece and my sister Kim, later we saw “Despicable Me”and then dinner at Hooters. This was our first time seeing a movie at the newer facility at the Louis Joliet Mall, very handi friendly. The movie ended up being better than I expected. All that was great. Here’s what pissed me off: Being in a wheelchair. It’s a rare day I when I feel this way. I let my mind wander back to my younger, healthier days and thus allowed that PO’d feeling in. Yes, I’d rather be walking, but I’m truly happy where I’m at. I’m always an open book and I really wanted you to see all sides of dealing with disability. As positive and upbeat as I can be I do have a time when I feel defeated once in a while. Having a strong, loving wife as I do helps those down moments easier to get through. I love you Emily!

Friday, July 02, 2010


I think turning 30 gave me a new perspective in life.  Having family in your life is really important.  At my wedding last year I had two of my uncles and their wives and my cousin from southern Illinois fly up for the wedding.  Having them there along with other family members I haven't seen in some time really whet my appettite for more.  Last weekend Emily and I headed south for a family reunion weekend.  It was so great seeing aunts, uncles, cousins, and others I haven't seen in years.  Introducing Emily to them was great.  My cousin Tom sent me an email after we left saying how good it was to meet Emily and how nicely she fits into the family.  That was so great to hear.  Next week I'll have pictures up on Facebook.  I have some memorable pics-the one I'm most excited about is with my dad's siblings.  I look forward to making that weekeeend a regular trip.