Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A new freedom

In the past week and a half I have found a new freedom. Getting our WC accessible van has afforded us that. Our nickname for the van is the Bizzle Bus. I have gotten out of the house a few times since. Normally it takes some planning and preparation for getting out. To me it had to be back breaking for Emily. Helping me to get into her Saturn, packing up the wheelchair. Getting to our destination and doing the same in reverse. Not to mention if I physically didn' feel good it was even harder on Emily. To make it even better I have a power chair too. We had purchased that for the wedding weekend and now are really getting our moneys worth. To go out now I just get into the power chair, wheel up the ramp and get locked in place, then away we go. I'm so happy about the Bizzle Bus and power chair for many reasons like thefreedm they allow me. Most of all the stress it takes off my amazing wife. Now perhaps I'll see you out and about.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Enjoy life

Here's my Monday morning cup of Joel.
Life's got a handful of ,ountain top moments-marriage, job promotion, birth of a child, etc. Life's made up of a lot of smaller moments. Learn to enjoy those moments. It's the old adage, "stop and smell the roses". Take time to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the ones on the journey with you-your spouse/significant other, children, parents, etc. Having goals and your mind on the future is great. But it means nothing if you don't take time to enjoy the moments along the way. Let's tell those close to us how much they mean to us. Enjoy thejourney you're on, it's the ride of your life!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cup of Joel

It's easy to be me. Being someone else is not. I am equipped to deal with everything in my life. Dwelling on the I wish's will get you no where. I wish I was taller, I wish I could sing, and on and on. You have exzctly what you need. This is an area that plagues us all. There's always something we wish for. We need to be happy with who we are and what we have. Taking our natural and letting God add his super to create the supernatural. Let's all step in to our destiny. Whether it's being an entrepreneur, great mother, author, singer...Let's be who we were created to be.
My Monday morning Joel.

Monday, March 08, 2010

On Purpose

Last night I went to bed determined to start anew today. I have fallen into a rut lately. A rut of watching TV and really not being productive with my day. My first goal was to watch my Joel Osteen recording. A new one is reported on my DVR every Sunday. I usually get to it later in the week if at all. First goal accomplished. My second goal is to give a brief synopsis here. The message today was about being happy. That's an easy statement to make, but at times a difficult task to walk out. Abraham Lincoln once said, "most people are as happy as they decided to be". Easily put, being happy is a choice you have to make every day. Life may be hard for you right now. Maybe you lost your job, perhaps your family has fallen apart, or your health is failing? No matter what. it's your choice. Having or getting the right perspective on your life situations will help you to be happy. I like to think of myself as an overall happy person, but I have those dark moments. When I get there it helps to be thankful for the little things. A quote I heard years ago said, "it's not the outlook that matters, but the uplook". I agree partially with that statement. Yes, keeping your eyes on God is number one, but having a positive outlook is good too. I know just thinking about a positive future has helped get me through. So lets be happy on purpose today.