Thursday, November 27, 2008


Today is always a good day to take an inventory of our lives and realize what we're thankful for. There are so many people to thank: Emily, her parents Steven and Nancy, my sister Kim and her husband Joe, my mom, good friends Bob and Carmen, my two beautiful nieces Grace and Bianca. Those are just a few I'll name offhand. They all have helped me on good days and bad and have cared for me just for being me. I wouldn't be where I am and be who I am without them. So, to all of you guys I say thanks! There are many others that have been great influences in my life. From the guy that helped me in the parking garage the other day to the person that leaves a comment on my blog or facebook. There is no way I could name every one by name, but to you I say thanks! I hope every one that reads this will stop and take a minute to thank those that you are thankful for. Enjoy those that you are with today and let yourself not worry about calories.

Friday, November 14, 2008

What a Friday

I woke up today not feeling well. Not really sure why, but I was extremely stiff to boot. I figured I'd eventually feel better. I just decided to relax and watch TV. Shortly after my body started to freak out and I slid back in the chair involuntarily. I was stuck there in pain for a minute with no way of getting up. Quickly sweat began pouring down my face and panic in my heart. Thinking I may pass out or even worse. I started yelling for helpl and continued for nearly an hour. FInally my voice was heard and help was on the way. Our building manager, maintenance guy, and a couple neighbors came in and sat my chair up. Also, an ambulance was on the way. Once the EMTs showed up they quickly took my vitals and asked a few questions. The most poignant being if I wanted to go to the hospital? I declined and just asked for help into bed. I am still in bed resting and feeling better. I guess I was just bored and needed some excitement today. I definitely got that!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This past Sunday was Matt McGraw's memorial. I went with a heavy heart and a pit in my stomach. Matt's mom just fell in my lap and cried once I got up to her. She said how she wishes he would have gone to the wedding. He was going to meet us at Adrian's wedding in Nashville and catch a ride with us back to Chicago. He never showed! After comforting Pat the best I could it was on to his brothers. This really sucked! No words could comfort, just some hearty hugs had to suffice. After being there with them it was on to speak with some mutual friends and his cousins Steve and Jason. They were in the band 'Product' with Matt back in the day. Over the years I spent some good times with them. After spending time talking to everyone and recounting our Matt stories the memorial started. After a video montage that brought tears and smiles a brief word was brought by Pastor Jerry and then some time was spent with friends and family sharing stories. A couple of tearjerkers were in the mix, but mostly it was stories that brought laughter. To end the night, 'Product' reunited plus one cousin to play one of their songs, it was great hearing the song and thinking back to when Matt was there. Thanks to Matt's producer a track recorded days before his death was played with Steve and Jason singing with Matt. Even thinking back now I get a little choked up. All in all the night was a great tribute to Matt. I think about him all the time and miss him like crazy. Just being around everyone and remembering the good times has helped ease the pain. Matt will always be remembered by the way we live our lives, to the fullest.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Remembering Matt

I received the news Monday morning. My good friend Matt Mc Graw had been found dead in his apartment in Los Angeles. I still can't believe he's gone! I hope blogging about his life and our friendship helps ease the pain just a little bit.

Matt and I became friends a while back. I'm not even sure how we befriended each other, but I'm glad we did. Matt was always a free spirit and I loved that. Early on in our friendship he took off for California in his old Justy car. Although I hated having a friend just take off, I loved that nothing would keep him down. He was Yin and I was Yang. Over the years our friendship continued to grow. With my love of running a sound board and he and his cousin's having a band (Product) there was a match. I've went to a lot of their show's, helped set up their instruments and on occasion run the soundboard. I just loved being able to have my hand in a friends dream. While I enjoyed being involved with all of that, I must say I enjoyed our time sitting around with a cup of coffee and sharing in deep conversation. It was rare to sit with Matt and not have the conversation get a little deep. Those times just sitting at MoJo's coffeehouse are probably what I'll miss the most.

My mind is swimming thinking of all the times we shared. Matthew, you will be missed my brother. To everyone Matt touched you are in my thoughts and prayers as I know this is a very difficult time. I am glad we still have your music to help us feel you are near.