Friday, July 20, 2007


Here I sit on a Friday night in my home office. I've lived in the same 2 bedroom apartment for the past 4 years and this second edroom had just been nothing more than a junk room. Emily and I decided we were ready for a change. We had the apartment painted a nice clean white and got rid of all junk and clutter. I say junk and clutter, it was just stuff we didn't use or wear anymore. So we were able to bless the local thriftshop with lots of great clothes, etc. That in itself helps the spirit feel good. As I stated a week or so ago, I've been in a funky place for awhile now. All I knew to do was keep pushing and something was bound to give. So now I sit here listening to my latest  download, and I'm feeling free. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my life. You never know how or when things will change, but keep pushing and eventually things will break. I truly felt like giving up, I didn't feel I could fight anymore. But I remembered a word I kept getting through men/women of God and in my own quiet time with God over the last 10 years. That I've got big shoulders and alot will be put on them, but never more than I could handle. Believe me there are days I wish I didn't have big shoulders,but when I come out of those difficult periods I feel I'm a stronger/better person for it. So let's celebrate another vsmall ictory. Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Funky Place

Ever been in a place where you have no motivation and would like to cuirl up in a ball in the morning and call it a day? That's where I've been for the last month. I haven't quite had the drive I'm accustomed to. Although that's how I've felt I just have not been able to just curl up and call it a day. I keep working hard in therapy and continue on with CHM. Albeit tough, I don't know how to give up. Darn that internal fortitude!:-) I know as long as I keep pushing somethings bound to break and I'll be on the other side of this funk-y period. For now I'll take the small victory of getting to wake up everyday and the ability to keep working hard. Ok, as I mentioned I've been faithfully working out and sticking to CHM. CHM's goal is to get every organ back up and running at tip top shape so the whole body operates at it's optimum level. I've been seeing some really good results on that front. At the same time the herbs I take should help with energy and strength, and both areas I see definite improvemenmt. So that's my latest.